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What We Do

Strengthening Every Corner of Our County

As the backbone of a countywide network of local, Caldwell County non-profit agencies (funded by hundreds of local partners, and thousands of donors like you), we work to create positive, long-term change—right here in Caldwell County, where we live, work, and raise our families. We apply in-depth research and strategic thinking to social issues, creating improvements in three main areas: building strong communities, helping kids be all they can be, and moving people from poverty to possibility.

Campaign Occurs Once Each Year

It is the desire of the United Way of Caldwell County not to inundate donors with repeated requests for donations. Therefore, we ask companies and individuals once a year to participate in a United Way campaign. Many employers will fund events during this period to increase awareness of the programs that United Way funds. Employees may receive a pledge form at this time if they desire to give. Our individual donors receive one annual letter. That's it. No constant mailings, no solicitation phone calls and no other contact except a thank you card for your donation.

Your United Way Donation Stays in Caldwell County

When people donate to a not-for-profit organization, they want to see what their money will achieve. 98.65% of funds raised each year stay in Caldwell County.  1%  goes to the United Way Worldwide and 0.35% goes to the United Way of North Carolina who provide marketing, training, and educational opportunities for our local United Way. All donations stay to help Caldwell County agencies unless the donor asks that the donation go to another North Carolina 501(c)3 Human/Health service non-profit.  It is important that you know that your donation will help your community.